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Signature Series

The Cure for the common car wash

With its bright colors and appealing design, the Signature® Series redefines what a tunnel wash can be. That's because its inviting look does more than welcome customers; it makes a positive impression from entrance to exit, helping create the open, airy experience we call CleanBay 
This pleasant experience does more than put customers at ease. It makes them want to return, again and again. For most, it's a revelation and welcome relief to learn that a car wash tunnel doesn't have to be claustrophobic. 

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About Signature Series

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Not just a clean car, but a fresh experience!

Anyone can equip a tunnel to produce clean cars. The sawy operator goes beyond that - to produce a memorable experience. Done right, a car wash should appeal to the senses, while reassuring customers the wash is safe for them and their vehicles. 

That's why Belanger developed the Signature® Series. With its bright powder-coated finish and patented elliptical beams the Signature® Series looks like no other car wash on the market. 


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 The Signature® Series has always given you choices, to 'make your wash your own.' Now you can also choose the drive technology - electric or hydraulic - that suits your business needs and operating style. This means your Signature® Series won't just be a joy to own - it will be a pleasure to run, too. 

Electric drive - modern efficiency, one-button control 

The electric drive option with lntegra® controller gives you one-button control over your entire wash line, including conveyor and equipment. With its all-electric format, variable frequency drives (VFDs} and lntegra® control system, you can respond in real time to changing business and weather conditions. 

Soft starts stagger equipment start-up, reducing peak electrical loads and lowering your cost of operation. When business slows down, your whole line can slow down too, prolonging equipment life and making the most of your investment. Best of all, lntegra® can speed up your wash line, from entrance to exit, when business is good. This means you can increase throughput to meet customer demand, while maintaining the high-quality clean customers expect from your Signature® Series wash.  


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Hydraulic drive - rugged, simple, straightforward 

The proven hydraulic-drive option is perfect for operators who prefer this rugged, time-tested drive technology that just plain works, day in and day out. Operators who choose hydraulic drive appreciate having a single hydraulic 'power pack' that powers the equipment - combined with simple hydraulic motors that utilize that power to operate the conveyor and rotary wash brushes. 

Because each hydraulic motor runs on a straightforward fluid circuit, using pressurized hydraulic fluid routed through a line, they're easy for operators and car wash staff to adjust and maintain when necessary. This ease of operation, adjustment and maintenance can make hydraulic drive a perfect choice - both for new operators, and for those already comfortable with hydraulic power. For these experienced operators, hydraulic drive is like an old friend they intuitively understand ... which can make their hydraulic Signature® Series a welcome new partner. 

Available Upgrades

Available upgrade to six bold powder-coated extrusion colors 

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