Hydro-Spray is a full-service car wash equipment provider based in Lee's Summit, Missouri. For many decades, Hydro-Spray has been recognized as a leader in the touch free automatic car wash industry. Our equipment has led the industry forward, providing some of the most innovative technologies in the market. We prioritize creating high quality and reliable cleaning equipment that can meet your company’s unique needs.


Working with customers to get the most out of their equipment is our top priority. From our superior product line and exhaustive parts department to our professional consulting and equipment servicing, Hydro-Spray is the company you can count on to make sure your wash equipment works the way it should.  


Our equipment line is designed to fit the needs of ALL car wash operators. We offer industry leading self-service, soft touch, touchless and tunnel wash systems. Check out our full equipment line to learn more.


Find replacement equipment, specially formulated chemicals and industry standard components all in one place. We carry all our own Hydro-Spray supplies and C K Enterprises’ Barracuda Touchless Car Wash System.


Planning, installation, training, troubleshooting, maintenance, and upgrading are all part of what makes a business successful. We are ready to assist you with all your business needs.


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Established in 1982 by Don Havens, Hydro-Spray has developed into a leader in the car wash industry, producing quality equipment while developing a loyal customer base. Although Don faced many challenges during his entrepreneurial journey, he always aimed for excellence. His foundational philosophy has been successful in keeping the company afloat when others have failed. The first principle of this philosophy—creating a great product!

Hydro-Spray embodies this first principle through its dedication to design technology that stands the test of time. Don Havens used designs originally invented by the Bernardi Brothers' and Turbo Wash® to develop a powerful and sturdy in-bay car wash. The resulting product became well recognized for its cleaning efficiency. Many of the original units Don produced are still in service today. They’re a living testimony to sound design, durability, and desirable functionality. Since then, Hydro-Spray has become a leader in self-service technology, producing some of the finest state-of-the-art self-service equipment on the market.

The second part of Hydro-Spray's philosophy is taking into account the future of the industry. Hydro-Spray recruits and develops talented marketing and technical personnel that envision this future by applying the latest developments in technology to further enhance the performance and reliability of the equipment. Hydro-Spray's being deeply rooted in the car wash industry and their continual learning and application of the knowledge gained, has further strengthened the ability of Hydro-Spray to remain viable during the toughest of times. 

Hydro-Spray's third philosophy principal has been a dedication to on-going innovation and development of equipment. Starting with the sound design of the Classic In-Bay Automatic. This system, called the Rainmaker, uses new computer technology that improves the overall washing experience by being able to pinpoint a vehicle's size while it's in the bay. It comes with great pride to be on the forward edge of these technologies while meeting the needs of every customer.

Innovations such as the 'PRECI$E Control System' were introduced to enhance car wash owners' ability to market their facility and exercise control remotely from their home or office. Unique sales tools such as the automated 'Frequent Washer Program' and 'Birthday Club' enables the car wash operators to build repeat business while further increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

Hydro-Spray dedicates every part of itself to the industry. From the techs in the field to the company’s leadership, we aim for setting the standard. This mindset has kept the company strong and vibrant. Throughout our history, many of the company’s leaders have been car wash operators themselves. They faced the same challenges their customers face every day; increased competition, weather fluctuations, changes in market and economic conditions. This experience makes them empathetic and understanding of the needs and concerns of all car wash operators. We have firsthand knowledge of our equipment’s performance, and that guides us toward improving for ease of operation and day-to-day maintenance.

Today, the new Hydro-Spray, under the direction of its owner and President, Cliff Reed, carries on the tradition of quality and superior performance. Under his diligent leadership, Hydro-Spray continues to flourish. By carrying out our mission of producing excellent equipment, recruiting talented personnel, and pursuing innovation, we strive to meet the ever-evolving demands of the industry and equipment owners. With this mission, we intend to maintain our position as an industry leader for many years to come.

Our Values


Top of the Line Products

Hydro-Spray is continuously working to offer customers the best options for their needs. Our commitment to continued innovation ensures our customers receive the industry leading equipment parts and supplies they're looking for.

Hydro-Spray's staff is professional. They work hard to provide the best service to customers, from technicians in the field to organizational leadership. Our team helps customers with planning, installation, training, troubleshooting, and maintenance of all our equipment.

We believe in providing our customers with the best value for their money. We not only offer competitive prices, we back all our products with an engaged support staff to ensure that our customers receive the best value we can offer.

Honesty and fairness are our guiding principles. These principles help us show respect to our staff and customers while valuing everyone's contributions.

Celebrating our employees helps us build a culture that values feedback and diverse perspectives. Suggestions for improvement are encouraged, giving us a great competitive advantage.

We make it a priority to listen actively to your perspective and ensure you have all the information you need. Helping customers succeed by providing guidance and industry knowledge is our top priority.


Our experience in the industry alongside our superior product line makes Hydro-Spray a company you can count on to help you evolve your car washing business.  

Self-Serve Car Washes

Hydro-Spray carries a wide variety of self serve car wash equipment and components. From pump room to spray, our High Pressure pump 
stations will service single and multi bay sites.

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High Pres​sure Washers

Hydro-Spray pressure washers have a wide range of options to help your system stand out from the competition and save money. 

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In-Bay Automatics

With our new Barracuda Touchless Automatic Car Wash System, we can provide the cutting edge in In-Bay automatics. We also offer upgrade packages and replacement parts that can expand your current system's wash performance.  

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Conveyorized Tunnels

If you're deciding whether you should get a conveyor tunnel car wash system or something else, we're here to help. With our dedicated staff, we are happy to provide you with all the information you need.  

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Trucks, Busses & Dealerships

Wash trucks, buses, vans, and agricultural equipment with unmatched performance and reliability while getting superior cleaning results. Washing an entire fleet? Keep your large vehicles looking great with our low-maintenance equipment. 

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Parts, Services & Supplies

When you just need a few fixes, contact Hydro-Spray for wash 
components. We stock a wide variety of wash parts and supplies, 
providing service and maintenance to car washes in our area.

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Hydro-Spray partners with other industry leaders to provide you the best parts to upgrade your car washing business. 



If you're ready to order, or if you have questions about our car wash products and services, give us a call and we'll happily walk you through the process of buying and installing a car wash system.