Started over 30 years ago by Don Havens, Hydro-Spray has developed into a strong car wash equipment company, producing sound equipment and developing a loyal customer base.  Don would probably be the first to admit that mistakes were made along the way, but one thing remains clear; he always strived for continual improvement and excellence in manufacturing, sales, and service. That philosophy continues on today and has supported Hydro-Spray’s viability during times when others have struggled.

What are the components of that philosophy?  The first is a great product!  Building on the in-bay technology invented by the Bernardi Brothers and further developed by Turbo Wash®, Don Havens developed an in-bay automatic that earned the reputation of a wash system that exhibited superior cleaning ability and rugged reliability. The fact that many of these original units are still in service is a testimony to the sound design, durability and desirable functionality of the machine. Since then, Hydro-Spray has become a leader in self service technology producing some of the finest state-of-the-art self service equipment on the market today.

Second, Hydro-Spray recruited and developed talented marketing and technical personnel that envision the future of the automatic and self-service car wash industries and apply appropriate technology to further enhancing the performance and reliability of the equipment. Their long-time association with Hydro-Spray, the car wash industry and their continual learning and application of the knowledge gained, has further strengthened the ability of the company to remain viable during the toughest of times.

Hydro Spray's third founding component has been a dedication to on-going innovation and development equipment and its ability to meet the demands of the vehicle washing needs of the motoring public. Starting with the sound design of the Classic In-Bay Automatic known for its improved functionality and control accomplished by using computer technology. Then the introduction of the Rainmaker improved washing capability with its ability to size the vehicle.

Along with additions to the machinery’s capability, innovations such as the PRECI$E Control System was introduced to enhance the owner’s ability to market his or her facility and exercise control remotely from home or office. Unique programs such as the automated frequent washer program and birthday club enabled the car wash operator to draw repeat customers, further increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

Finally, Hydro-Spray personnel’s dedication to the car wash industry and its owners and operators has served to keep the company strong and vibrant. Throughout its history, many of the company’s leaders have been car wash operators themselves. They face the same challenges that their customers face; increased competition, weather fluctuations and changes in market and economic conditions, giving them empathy for and understanding of the needs and concerns of all car wash operators. This also gave them firsthand knowledge of company’s equipment performance which led to many improvements for ease of maintenance and day-today operation.

Today the new Hydro-Spray under the direction of Cliff Reed, Owner and President, carries on the tradition of quality and superior performance.  Under his youthful and energetic leadership along with diligent day-to-day hands-on management, Hydro-Spray continues to flourish by continuing to produce excellent equipment, recruit talented personnel and pursue continued innovation while remaining dedicated to the car wash industry as well as Hydro-Spray Distributors and equipment owners.