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Chemical Delivery Program 

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Hydro-Spray offers a unique stay-full delivery program to our customers located in Central Pennsylvania.

Hydro-Spray customers are placed on a route delivery schedule and inventory levels are monitored during regularly scheduled preventative maintenance visits. This assures that our customers do not run out of chemicals.


Hydro-Spray makes on-site visits to each location on scheduled intervals based on location and car counts. During these visits, visual inspection of all equipment is performed, and chemical inventories are recorded and inventory is ordered to ensure the washes do not have downtime due to chemical outages.

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Hydro-Spray is pleased to offer on-site chemical audit and wash evaluations to help you determine if your wash is running at peak performance for maximum efficiency and revenue.  We will show you how we can help you boost wash revenue and provide your customers with a clean shiny car as well as a great show every time! 


Other services performed may include, chemical titrations, water system checks and testing, inspecting chemical lines and pumping systems, as well as draw tests for usage & cost evaluations. 

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Titration Titration is a common laboratory method of quantitative chemical analysis that should be performed at your car wash. Titration is used to determine the unknown concentration of an identified chemical species. Since volume measurements play a key role in titration (in the car wash industry it is also known as volumetric-metrics),  concentration should be monitored regularly and to maximize the cleaning process . Concentration levels are determined by the chemical used and as recommended by the chemical manufacturer.

Flow Testing Flow testing is measuring how much final solution is used in each application of the vehicle cleaning process and is achieved by adding an inline flow meter to each output line or visually measuring solution used from tank after each pass. Flow testing is a good practice that can help you control consumption, efficiency and costs.

How Often Monthly Titration and Flow Testing is recommended with semi-monthly being the best practice. These tests should be performed when noticing a change in cleaning results and when changing brands. Consult with your D&S Authorized Distributor for specific recommendations.

Benefits Regular Titration and Flow Testing will keep your car wash running at peak performance, delivering clean vehicles and happy customers and can periodically uncover components in your car wash that may need maintenance such as clogged or broken injectors, faulty pressure regulators, or solenoids.

For more information regarding our chemical delivery program, click here to send a message to one of our representatives.