SubZero Anti-Freeze System

Protect from freezing!!

The SubZero Anti-Freeze System is an advanced winterization system that protects all exposed fluid lines from freezing. An economical attitude and intelligent design combine to guarantee this system is both reliable and efficient.

SubZero offers an excellent return on investment. Using this system as an alternative to weeping water saves the environment while also saving operators on the water and sewer costs associated with weeping water.

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Features and Benefits


For maximum efficiency   , the SubZero system utilizes either a Blowdown Cycle or a Blowdown & Anti-Freeze Cycle to prevent your fluid lines from freezing.

Blowdown Cycles use compressed air to clear all liquid from your fluid lines.

Blowdown & Anti-freeze Cycles use compressed air to clear all liquid from your fluid lines then injects anti-freeze solution into all fluid lines.

The SubZero system chooses a cycle depending on the ambient temperature and two independent set points: a blowdown set point and an anti- freeze set point. When the system detects that the ambient temperature has dropped below the blowdown set point (default 32°F), Blowdown Cycles will be activated. When the ambient temperature is below the anti-freeze set point (25 - 28°F), Blowdown & Anti-Freeze Cycles will be activated

Fail Safe Protection
 on this system assures operators that their car wash is constantly protected from freezing. In the event of a power failure, air compressor failure, system component failure or even if the system simply runs out of antifreeze, a default water weep system will be enabled to prevent all fluid lines from freezing until the problem has been resolved. Furthermore, SubZero's auto-diagnostic system automatically detects when any problem is resolved and assumes normal operations.

Input Check Time  - The SubZero system is programmed to wait 3 minutes after each wash to initiate a blow down. This delay will help conserve air and anti-freeze solution when cars are waiting to wash consecutively.

Manual Blowdown - The SubZero is equipped with pushbuttons that provide the option to manually initiate a blowdown cycle or a blowdown and anti-freeze cycle (depending on the ambient temperature and temperature settings).

Idle Time Protection - For added protection SubZero will initiate a blowdown cycle after a customizable amount of idle time has passed (default 1 hour). To prevent the clearing of anti-freeze from fluid lines creating redundancy and wasting anti-freeze solution - an idle time blowdown cycle will NOT be initiated following a blowdown & anti-freeze cycle.  

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