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1. SubZero Specification S Input Voltage 120 VAC 60Hz Current Consumption 2 AMPS (MAX) Water Requirements 1/3 GPM Per Nozzle (Used when water weep is active) Air Requirements 5.7 CFM Air Pressure Range 0 PSI to 80 PSI (Set through Pressure Gauge) Anti-Freeze Requirements Recommended Propylene Glycol or Ethylene Glycol (Available at Hydro-Spray) Flojet Operating Pressure Range 20 PSI to 80 PSI (Max Operating Pressure = 80 PSI) (Max Operating Temperature = 120 ° F) Poly Tube Max Working Pressure 120 PSI Recommended Air Pressure Range for Blowdown 25 PSI to 65 PSI Recommended Air Pressure Range for Anti-freeze Pump 25 PSI to 65 PSI SubZero is a combination of the latest technology, industry standard components and a pre-engineered plug-and-play design for protecting exposed fluid lines from freezing. A programmable logic controller uses ambient temperature to monitor certain inputs and provide customized output to a fluid and air solenoid arrangement. The combination of air and anti-freeze mixture purges fluid filled lines free of freezable liquids and protects them from freezing. Equipped with Fail Safe Protection , should power fail, air compressors fail, system components fail or anti-freeze exhaust, the SubZero System will detect any of these failures, enable City Water Weep and then automatically detect when the failure is resolved and continue its normal operation. Standard f eature S • Digital Display Thermostat • Idle Repeat • Customizable Operating Parameters • Auto Blowdown • FailSafe Protection • Manual Blowdown • Auto Anti-Freeze b enefit S • Green for the Environment • Ease of Installation • No Wasted Weep Water • Piece of Mind • Lower Water & Sewer Cost • No Holding Tanks Required • Services All Types of Exposed Fluid Lines • Minimize Ice Build Up Green, Efficient, Cost Saving, Peace of Mind for Freeze Control! WEEP NO MORE! 800-528-5733 | • PLC Controlled • Plug & Play • Auto Reset • Pre-Plumbed • Pre-Wired • Simultaneous Anti-Freeze Injection & blowdown For more information, contact us today


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