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1. Versatility from the Equipment Room to the Wash Bay! • True One-Bay, One-Pump Design • Tankless-Integrated Chemical Injection • Multi-Pressure Delivery System • Smart Logic VFD Control • Modular Design • 9 Industry Standard Functions • 3 Port Supply Inlet • 3 Port Discharge Outlet • 8 Chemical Options • Plug & Play Design Key Base Features: Key Package Features: 800-528-5733 | The Elite Plus enables you to add value and create efficiencies with the most powerful and flexible options available in self-serve car wash equipment. It’s 5 Hp Direct Drive Motor controlled by the Smart Logic VFD Controller, offers impressive flexible Product Delivery to your wash bay and new services that your customers will enjoy! The advanced chemical injection system eliminates bulky storage tanks and reduces overall foot print requirements. This innovative design saves you space in your equipment room, creating a unique modular design, that is a practical solution for your car wash business! Introducing... Contact Us Today for more Information *Optional High Pressure Under Body Function Available


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