Elite Pro Self Serve 4 Bay GP Pump

Elite Pro Self Serve 4 Bay GP Pump


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Elite Pro Multi-Pressure Pump Station. A fully integrated design for Self Serve Car Washes. Featuring advanced product delivery, the Elite Pro offers 3 customizable operating pressures (High, Medium & Low), using a common pump and a common fluid line to the Wash Bay for Soap, Wax, Rinse, Pre-Soak, Tire/Engine, Bug & Tar and Spot Free Rinse. Low pressure functions can be purged quickly and delivered at a higher pressure than traditional Self Serve Car Washes which has proven to increase consumers overall satisfaction in the Wash Bay. The Elite Pro also includes Foam Brush Delivery and Foam Wax independent to their unique point of use. Air Assist for enhanced foaming of all low pressure services can be independently adjusted to achieve the desired result and consistency across all bays. The Stainless Steel frame incorporates traditional storage tanks to meet any demand; Schedule 80 PVC product manifolds eliminate 90% of hoses and 90% of the headaches compared to traditional Self Serve Systems. Operators have their choice of High Pressure Pump (3.5 to 4.5 GPM/1200 to 2000 Psi) and 3 or 5 HP Electric Motor. Utility requirements per bay: 3-Phase, 20 Amp Electric Service, 5 GPM water supply and 3 to 4 CFM Compressed Dry Air. Additional options include: Pre-Configured Deluxe Z Boom Packages and Hose Packages Per Foot. Customized Meter Box with our HD Series 7 Gauge 304 Stainless Steel Hull & Hinged Face Plate. Push Button or Rotary Switch and brand it your logo with a Custom Overlay Decal. Offer your customers Coin, Cash, Credit, Debit, Fleet, Gift Loyalty, Mobile App Memberships.