Elite Pro Self Serve (2-Bay) Arimitsu Pumps

Elite Pro Self Serve (2-Bay) Arimitsu Pumps


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Elite Pro Self Serve System (2-Bay) Featuring Arimitsu Pumps. The fully Integrated Design for Self Serve Car Washes features Advanced Product Delivery the Elite Pro offers 3-Operating Pressures (High, Medium & Low) Using a Common Pump to Deliver Traditional Services to the Wash Bay Including Soap, Wax, Rinse, Pre-Soak, Tire/Engine, Bug & Tar and Spot Free Rinse. Low Pressure Functions can be Purged at a Higher Pressure for Quicker Change Over in the Bay. The Elite Pro System also comes Standard with Foam Brush and Foam Wax Delivery, Integrated Flo-Jet Pumps offer Independent Delivery along with Air Assist for a Rich Foam Result. Manufactured on a Durable Stainless-Steel Frame and Integrated Solution Tanks built from Durable Heavy Gauge Plastic for On-Demand Supply of Each Solution Including Rinse and Spot Free Storage. No messy hoses, all Solutions are Carried to the Multi Pressure Pumps with Schedule 80 PVC Product Manifolds.
Utility Requirements:
Electric-208/230 vac, 3-Phase-20 amp
Water-Flow Rate 4 gpm x # Pumps @ 40 psi
Air-CFM Rate 3 x # Pumps @ 90 psi