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The professional staff at Hydro-Spray taps into years of experience as well as the industry’s latest trends 

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Increasing Your Revenue

By: Cliff Reed

Posted: 3-11-2015

Trying to maintain a competitive edge in the self-serve car wash market can be a daunting task. One might ask, what equipment is available to help improve...


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Fleet Cards

By: Bill Dolson

Posted: 12-16-2014

The contemporary payment card landscape can be bewildering once you leave the familiar neighborhood of the big four credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express...


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Balancing Your Tunnel

By: Ron Holub

Posted: 10-31-2013

For maximum performance and profitability in your tunnel it is important that you have an understanding on how your equipment and chemistry work together to clean a vehicle. Using too little product might save you money at the cost of...


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