Maximize your return on investment, wash more cars profitably & own a machine built to last.

About the Saber

The Saber® is a commitment to your in bay success. Designed for rapid and sustained return on investment the Saber has built in appeal for both operators and customers. Wash owners love the it's industry leading price/value ratio while customers are drawn to its appealing wash experience and ease-of-use.

With just two motors and three moving parts, the Saber is built for a lasting performance. It's "no grease points" design dramatically reduces maintenance needs - helping deliver consistent and reliable uptime. The Saber's overhead rails keep its motors and gears up and away from dirt, ice and grime.
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Features & Benefits

LED Navigation SystemTM - Illuminated dual wash arms with RGB color changing LED lights help drivers confidently and quickly position their vehicles in the wash bay.

The LED lights flash GREEN, encouraging customers to 'pull forward'. The arms will flash BLUE if the driver overshoots and needs to 'back up'. Once in position, the arms will flash RED so drivers 'stop' for washing.
DuoDry™ System - Provides both drive-thru and on-board drying, for maximum throughput and menu package flexibility.

Timeless Dry™ - Simultaneously dries the vehicle as your optional RO system rinses it clean for faster throughput.
XR Triple Foam - Dedicated triple foam pods maximize the 'show' and provide complete coverage for this popular extra service option.

Complete Solution Delivery System - With dual presoaks, triple foam pods and two wax applications, the Saber® equips operators to wash cars profitably.

High Vehicle Output Software - Allows chemical application in either direction, while keeping the arms open for "speed passes" the increase production for rinsing, drying agents, waxes, and spot-free Reverse Osmosis (RO) water.
Auto-Resetting Breakaway Arms - Reset themselves automatically in case of accidental vehicle strikes, maximizing wash bay uptime.

Options to Enhance Your R.O.I.

SL1 & SL2 - Choose the model best for your business.

With the Saber SL1, users will experience the Saber's cleaning power and its easy-to-use platform all in a familiar one-arm wash.

With the Saber SL2, users get a dual arm wash which allows for highly efficient due to simultaneous chemical application and medium pressure rinsing.
Branding Enhancement

Branding enhancement enables you to customize the exterior appearance of your Saber to correspond with your facilities branding needs.

It's your wash
Make it your brand

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