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About the FreeStyler

The FreeStyler® soft-touch automatic is designed from "the top down" to offer an open, airy and pleasant wash experience. The open, Clear Bay®, design of the FreeStyler provides an inviting bay appearance and enhances each customer's overall car wash experience.

In addition to a customer appeal, the Freestyler was designed with performance and reliability in mind. Innovative, quality engineering went into every aspect of the FreeStyler to deliver the most comprehensive combination of performance features available on the market, making the FreeStyler sure to impress both customers and operators.
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Features & Benefits

Overhead Gantry Design - provides an open and inviting bay appearance while ensuring smooth operation. This design significantly increases the FreeStyler's reliability by keeping the wash gear 'up and away' from dirt, grime and ice. Thus, reducing maintenance needs and preventing failures that typically plague floor-mounted rollovers. This design also allows all four overhead carriage wheels to operate from one common drive shaft-eliminating jerky and shaky machine movement-significantly minimizing maintenance issues.

Effective five-brush system - delivers a thorough clean and unsurpassed throughput among soft-touch in-bays. All wash wheels simply push out of the way in the case of an accidental drive-off.
2 Entrance Wheels

For optimal safety and decreased vehicle damage, the entrance wheels will reverse direction and retract if they sense the load is too high.
1 Top Wheel

The self-storing top wheel saves space and provides breakaway forgiveness to eliminate vehicle related safety concerns.
2 Tall Exit Wheels

The FreeStyler's exit wheels are extra tall to provide excellent cleaning coverage for today's larger vehicle market.
Control System with Touch Screen Interface - Offers unlimited programming flexibility. Allows op- erators to make selections and enter data by touch- ing the appropriate positions on the screen.

V-Jet Manifold - The V-Jet Manifold consists of four overhead V-Jet nozzles that deliver more effective rins- ing power for those hard to reach areas of your customers' vehicles. These nozzles provide a deep rinsing into crevices where soap and triple foam can hide.
Variable Frequency Drive Motors - provide soft starts which prolong equipment life and reduce peak energy costs, maximizing reliability and savings.

Soap Foamer - This applicator's foaming chamber efficiently mixes air, water, and chemical for minimum chemical consumption then a pair of highly efficient pods evenly apply exceptionally rich foaming soap onto each vehicle.

Treadle Activator - a simple, rugged component used to both position the car and to begin the FreeStyler's wash process. The front and rear sensing system is tied to the Machine Mounted Directional Sign which communicate to the driver "Pull Forward", "Back Up", or "Stop".

Enclosed mechanical and pneumatic components - protect control equipment from dirt and wash spray while providing a sleek clean machine look that is appealing to customer.

Options to Wash Cars Your Way

Treadle-Free VPS Virtual Positioning System® - top-of-the-line technology designed that eliminates the need for a treadle activator.

On Board & Freestanding Vehicle Dryers - Finish each wash off right with vehicle dryers that dry each vehicle to complete each wash.

Door Control Module - Program your hours of operation and the door control option will then automatically open and close your wash. During freezing weather, the entrance and exit doors will cycle-up and down to retain heat. The door control will not close the doors unless the photo eyes indicate all vehicles have progressed in to or out of the bay.

Photo Eyes - Two sets are required for proper door control operation. If bay doors are not being used, it is recommended one set of entry photo eyes are used to activate the car wash.

Combine the Hydroblade® with the Wheel Stinger® and get multiple revenue generators in one exciting package.

The HydroBlade® - surrounds the vehicle with 10 high-pressure nozzles that blast dirt out of 'nooks and crannies,' creating a soft-touch/high-pressure 'combination wash' customers will gladly pay more for.

The Wheel Stinger® - delivers focused wheel cleaning with 15 high-pressure nozzles per side and on-board Chemical Tire Applicators (CTAs).
Triple Foam - Proven to generate extra revenue. The FreeStyler® offers two optional Triple Foam systems:

  • Base Triple Foam - pods deliver rich foam onto any vehicle with minimal waste. Each of the three separate foaming chambers contains a unique foam generator which provides superior coverage with minimal chemical consumption.
  • XR Triple Foam with MixStir™ - This option includes three MixStir™ tanks with air pumps and foaming delivery panels. The MixStirTM chemical mixing tanks automatically maintain ready-to-use solution.
Additional Chemical Applicators Include:
  • Sealer Wax Applicator
  • Drying Agent Applicator
  • Bug Spray Applicator
DuraShiner® CF tire shiner - overcomes even extreme vehicle orientation issues, with Floating Head Technology™ that auto-aligns the applicator rollers to each wheel, bringing shine to your tires, every time.

Undercarriage Washer - Looking to increase your wash package revenue? The FreeStyler offers four separate under vehicle wash options to choose from.

Carriage Frame - Upgrade from the standard aluminium carriage frame to the white powder-coated frames with oval extrusions which helps prevent corrosion while sustaining a cleaner bay appearance over time.

Carriage Finish - Upgrade from the standard aluminium overhead carriage finish to the white powder-coated carriage finish which helps prevent corrosion while sustaining a cleaner bay appearance over time.

Motor Covers - Optional Motor Covers provide added protection for your electric wash wheels motors by sheltering them from the harsh elements of the wash bay. These Motor Covers come in a set of four and can be quickly removed for easy access during routine maintenance checks.

Branding Flexibility - enables operators to customize the look & message of their wash facilities.

Color Packages - The FreeStyler is available with three distinct exterior Color Packages. In this step you will be able to select the package that best meets your own individual needs. The three Color Packages are:

  • Standard FreeStyler Black color package
  • FreeStyler with Styler to Go color upgrade package
  • FreeStyler with Premium Styler color upgrade package

Whisper Wheel® Fill - refers to the design style of the Neo-Tex™ filler that is used in your FreeStyler's Top Wheel. This optional filler offers many advantages including:

  • Quieter operation to enhance your customers' overall wash experiences.
  • Reduced customer perception of damage through decreased noise levels.
  • Less start-up wear and tear on the FreeStyler's gearbox and motor.


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